jeudi 27 janvier 2011

We're Moving!

Reorganizing things, and because I've been wanting a change, I am now blogging over at French Objects. This new blog will be more about stories about and photos of vintage finds and my sewn creations. I'm writing it together with the hubby. Personal life stuff (for those not yet sick and tired of my never-ending photos of Lilou and Pierre, for example :D) will now be posted at my Facebook account (my personal account, and not the sad, neglected fan page). See you over at French Objects then! It is still very new, I'm still building it, but you can already read a first post, which is about this:

3 commentaires:

Le Vélo Noir a dit…

Thanks for the news, Apol! I took a peek at your new blog and it looks great. So, what would you like as a Blog-warming present? ;)

Take care for now...Christine

Italian Girl in Georgia a dit…

Your work is so lovely! I just found you on the Front Page of Etsy ~ congratulations. Then I followed you to Flickr and now here and I suppose your new blog soon!

Glad to know you ~ love your sense of humour.


Nastia a dit…

hey! your etsy shop is so lovely, i liked it a lot, so i featured it in my blog ( if you don't mind ) you are very welcome to check it out :)

good luck~