vendredi 14 janvier 2011

Work and Play

I'm sewing new things, and it feels very good! In the mornings when my husband takes care of Lilou for a couple of hours, I almost run to the mobile home that we have transformed into my work space so I can get at it, that's how excited I am.

I've been making pillow cases, table napkins, pincushions, lavender bags (of course!), and even tote bags. All from recycled vintage fabric, washed and mended, and given new life. This is a peek at what it all kind of looks like:

I can remember when the seed for this new collection was planted in my head; it was about seven years ago when my husband unearthed a few of his old jeans from when he was still a teenager. The jeans had been patched and mended all over by my mother-in-law, a French country housewife. I was struck by how it spoke of frugality and of a great respect for the continued usefulness of objects, so different from the throwaway culture that I had been immersed in. Also: I kept thinking that the sewing and patching looked so artistic somehow. I know I kept a piece of one of those old jeans somewhere... I will post a photo as soon as I find it.

When I'm not working, I'm forcing myself to go out and go for walks with the little one, despite the often -bad weather. Being cooped up indoors for too long makes me cranky, I find. Here is a photo I took two days ago. In the distance you can see my mobile home work space.

2 commentaires:

Keith Eckstein a dit…

Lovely photo - the bottom one.

All the best


Bronwyn Lloyd a dit…

The glimpse of your new patched sewing project is very exciting. Thrifty crafting is definitely the way to go these days, and so very satisfying. I can't wait to see the finished articles.