mardi 4 janvier 2011

Gardening in Winter

I am working on a new collection, which will be ready in February. I am concentrating on making functional pieces, and on using materials found and reclaimed. My goal is to not use anything new in the making of these objects, except for thread. The process is a lot more organic than usual; I have always been drawn to the imperfections and particularities that I find in vintage fabric, a hole or a stain maybe, so I am letting these holes and stains be, leaving them in as part of the finished object.

With my head up there in the air, in a creative cloud somewhere, I thought I'd share with you my recent discovery for greening up my interiors these winter months - aerial plants. At a Christmas market, I happened upon a vendor from Montpellier selling them. They're not exactly cheap, from 4€ to 12€ a piece, so I got just three. Then I installed them on dry branches, and hung them up on a white wall. Here is how they look:

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Anabel Fournier a dit…

they are beautiful! happy new year.