lundi 17 janvier 2011

Vintage Finds

It's grey Monday here in the south of France, but the weekend was all bright sun and blue skies, perfect weather for going to the puces and brocantes, where we found a lot of the battered, decayed, and falling-apart-but-strangely-beautiful objects that I love. Some of them will be put up for sale at the shop this week, but some I'm keeping, like a box of old natural twine and a rusty old cup:

4 commentaires:

Apryl a dit…

love the twine and the cup. I would have kept them too. :o)

polarité a dit…

lovely photos!! ;)

SisterBatik a dit…

Hi there

We came by your Etsy shop as you were featured on the front page. We then discovered your wonderful blog. Also, saw your interview too - which was very interesting and inspiring for starters like us.

We absolutely adore your shop because we love French vintage and plush raftsc too : )

We would love you to stop by our blog and to have your comments.

We seem to be having problems following blogs at the moment but will check back in with your blog again.

Thank you : )


ricebabies a dit…

Very lovely, such nice textures.