mercredi 25 novembre 2009

November Almost Over

I've had very busy days, but thankfully now things are quiet. The making and the writing and the moving and the shaking will start again soon, but today I am just enjoying the calm. And looking at the pictures of little objects I made recently:

dimanche 8 novembre 2009

And Another Bird

Lydia the Lilou Bird likes gingham. She's in the shop now.

P.S. I've been forgetting to say that if you would like to sign up for my mailing list and receive news of my shops and even discount coupons, there's now a button on the left of this blog where you can type in your e-mail address and -- voila! -- you've opted in.

mercredi 4 novembre 2009

Making Swans

This little thing is in the shop right now.

dimanche 1 novembre 2009

Weekend Playtime: the EST sales fairy

Having a baby, developing a business, and trying to write makes life very hectic these days. I have the great luck to have a husband who runs his own business and has organized his days so he can take care of our little girl in the mornings; and a mother-in-law who's more than happy to babysit in the afternoons if I need to get more work done. Still, we all know what they say about making life all about work and not playing.

Part of my plan for surviving -- maybe even fluorishing -- in this time is take an hour or two on a Sunday morning, go into my workroom, and make anything I feel like, not an order from a client, nor even necessarily anything I'll put up for sale, just something that will let the creative juices flow.

Since yesterday, when I found out about it through Mitsy, I've been excited about the idea of participating in the European Street Team's Sales Fairy game. To participate, you have to be a member of the EST, be able to catch and buy a sales fairy made by another member, then make one and put it up for sale. I waited till late afternoon to get Mitsy's fairy, but unfortunately missed it. Never someone known for her patience, for this weekend's playtime, I went ahead and made a fairy! Now to keep my fingers crossed that I can catch one so that I can pass on the love.

Here's the Apple Sales Fairy in close-up:

A full shot:

And then our fairy's little box, filled with buttons, beads, a piece of string, a paper boat, bits and bobs that caught her eye and make up her fairy dust.