lundi 24 août 2009

More Swans

I found two embroidered silk panels at my village's weekend vintage market last month. They're so fragile that even delicate hand-washing brought on a few tears, and I had to stitch them very very carefully.

A few cuttings have found their way into swan wedding cake toppers, now available at my shop.


And as I wait for the hatching, can I whine and say that I am feeling quite edgy and uncomfortable these days? I want to do 101 things, but really only have the energy for the 1 in that...

I try to count my blessings -- a mother-in-law who almost every day comes over with cooked dinners; a relatively easy pregnancy, all things considered; a husband who holds my hands when I am going through one of my dramatic fits and installed brand-new airconditioning when he realized we were going to have one of those infernal southern France canicular summers, and; a nose that, contrary to all the old wives' tales I've heard, did NOT expand -- but when even walking longish distances has become difficult (when I used to climb mountains, dammit!), my inner hag just really wants to stomp her feet and say, "Enough is enough!"

Please, little Lilou, can you decide to come out now? I promise Mama will be nice.

mercredi 19 août 2009


I am an egg on legs, waiting to hatch...

(and playing around with my ACDSee Pro while I'm at it).