dimanche 28 juin 2009

Too Hot to Garden

I've been neglecting my garden because it's just too hot over here, so nasty couch grass is starting to sprout all over. Perhaps in silent rebellion, I nurture these other types of flower in my workroom, which is all nice and cool:There's a green one:

A white one:And one in yellow and blue:
Each one of them says, "I love you."
You can find them in my shop.


Meanwhile, this is what three of the male species melted by the summer sun looked like this Sunday afternoon. That's husband, dog, and husband's best friend on my favorite place for napping.

mercredi 24 juin 2009

New Bird

This is the nest

that witnessed the birth of this little creature.

We come too late to the story, however, as aforementioned creature has left aforementioned nest. (My, my, they do grow up fast these days!) He has found himself a bride and gotten married. Playing catch-up, we can view the wedding pictures here.


Plus, you can find out why I blog in this great interview Stephanie Levy did with me in her own blog, "Artists Who Blog." And I do think that, to date, that was the most number of times I've used the word "blog" in a single sentence.

What are you still doing here? Go read the interview!

mardi 9 juin 2009

June Already?!

The month of June always makes me nervous; makes me want to take stock of what I had done with the year so far and makes me want to make lists of what else I want to accomplish before the whole 12 months are up. I guess it's very similar to what most people get to doing New Year's time in January. Except I do it while licking on ice cream cones instead of all bundled up in sweaters. Which makes it better, I think. As ice cream makes everything better. And before I end up blabbing nonsense some more, please do allow me to indulge myself.

The highlights so far:

This, of course! A little baby girl we are in the process of creating in our private workshop.

And this, too, the long-awaited, long-promised book based on my old blog about adjusting to a new culture. The e-mail invitation still needs to be corrected, as the reading at the Philippine embassy in Paris is happening late July instead, but this is roughly it. (Then the publisher will have a launch in Manila -- without me, though. Sob!)

And La Pomme, on Etsy and off, is doing quite well. (I took new photos of my Feel-Good Apples, as I thought the old ones, featuring just one apple, were looking very forlorn.)

All things considered, a first half of the year well-spent. Now to dream up what the next six months will bring... Another scoop of ice cream, please!