mercredi 24 juin 2009

New Bird

This is the nest

that witnessed the birth of this little creature.

We come too late to the story, however, as aforementioned creature has left aforementioned nest. (My, my, they do grow up fast these days!) He has found himself a bride and gotten married. Playing catch-up, we can view the wedding pictures here.


Plus, you can find out why I blog in this great interview Stephanie Levy did with me in her own blog, "Artists Who Blog." And I do think that, to date, that was the most number of times I've used the word "blog" in a single sentence.

What are you still doing here? Go read the interview!

5 commentaires:

Laura - Billy Angel Designs a dit…

Oh, Just gorgeous!

binkaminka a dit…

so delicate and beautiful!

Amanda Yu a dit…

so beautiful and congrats on the interview with Stephanie Levy

Annette F. Tait a dit…

lovely interview Apol!
and I like the nest and swan!

LeelaBijou a dit…

Oh beautiful!