samedi 31 octobre 2009

Boo! (Sort of)

Today, the little spring roll is disguised as some sort of jester in knits, so we decided that a photo would be a nice way to greet you all, "Happy Halloween!"

And, because you're not getting a proper Halloween if there's no blood and gore, here's my husband, who fell off his motorcyle, while doing it had a runaway bull (there are many in these parts) steal his helmet away, so that when he hit the ground his forehead cracked on the pavement, opening the skin and a bit of flesh, and there was blood all over!

I'm kidding, of course.

Although that was a little bit like the story he told me when he came home looking like the photo above. For a full 10 minutes I was sort of believing him (he's a gifted storyteller, my guy), until he gave up on it and started laughing. A group of makeup artists who work in cinema special effects apparently came to our village, and, like a little boy, Pierre lined up to get this fake cut. I'm feeling a little foolish and a lot gullible, but I have to say those makeup artists know their business!

How about you, how are you disguising yourselves this Halloween?

vendredi 30 octobre 2009

This and That

An Internet connection that for a few days made like I was back in the dark ages of dial-up prevented me from posting anything new here, but I've got some news.

First, it's open! The thing my husband and I are up, that I talked about in the blog post below, is La Pomme Vintage -- a shop of the vintage goodies we've accumulated as a result of our shared love for on the weekends going to the "brocantes" or vintage markets around here in the south where we live.

What you'll find there is a mix of the useful things that my husband Pierre picks up ("manly" things, I call them), and the more fanciful things that always draw me -- and that my husband often has a hard time understanding. ("But what will you do with them?" he asks. "Something. Nothing. Uhm, I'm not sure," I vaguely answer.)

We don't have a proper banner yet, but I've been so happy with the photos we've been taking that I couldn't resist and went ahead and put a few products up. What do you think?

And because managing three shops is not something I can do, my books, zines, and artworks in La Pomme Stories are being moved to my main shop, La Pomme. If you're a fan of my stories, that's where you want to go from now on.

Oh, and remember my failure of a giveaway? I picked a winner -- Apryl Lowe from England -- and a runner-up. The runner-up was for all the girls who were sending me entries to the giveaway through e-mail, comments on my blog, and through Twitter -- everywhere except where they should have, which was my Facebook fan page! I have a fondness for people who don't follow rules, though, so I decided to send one of these rebel girls one of my plush boat ornaments. Something similar to the photo above is sailing off to Miss Chicago as I type. Congratulations, Apryl and Steph!

Uhm, what else? Well the baby's sleeping through the night, and that's wonderful. And I've given in to that urge Ira used to talk about and have developed this compulsion to buy all kinds of clothes for my little girl, dresses, stockings, jackets, bonnets, and scarves, even if I must admit that she seems just as happy in her pyjamas. My latest purchase are these sneakers, which of course has the husband exclaiming, "But she's not even walking yet!"

Sigh. Men know nothing, do they?

mercredi 21 octobre 2009


My husband and I are up to something.

Can you guess what it is?

Here's a last clue:

I'm excited about this! Coming very soon...

jeudi 15 octobre 2009

Giveaway Update

My Facebook fan page giveaway is officially a failure :D Seems nobody likes puns, so I'm changing the rules. Go to the page to see!

Fish Be With You

Last weekend, I was in a wacky mood and during my studio playtime made these fishes, which in my mind would make really funny Christmas ornaments for hanging on your tree. In the spirit of the holidays, I'm giving one away. To play, you've got to be a fan of my Facebook page here. The game plays until next Thursday, 22 October.

If you really really can't wait to have one :) I've made some of them available at my shop.

lundi 12 octobre 2009

Monday Workday

Because my baby loves her sleep, I've been able to make flowers.

These are my favorites; the one on top and the pink at the bottom were made from vintage pillowcases I found at the Arles flea market.

Oh, and there are a couple of boats too.

They're all going straight to their new owner in a country far, far away.

vendredi 9 octobre 2009

To Australia, With Love

Finally -- well, for a few days now actually -- I have Love Pears all ready for residents of Australia, whose strict quarantine laws have prevented me from sending certain of my products there. These fruities have stems made from fabric-covered wire instead of licorice. And you can find them over at my shop here.

dimanche 4 octobre 2009

I'm Still Sewing

As I not very elegantly Twittered a few days ago, as a new mom I'm discovering that babies may be very cute, but oh boy do they fart a lot!

They also seem to have a special liking for vomiting milk all over their moms just after mom has showered, is smelling of vanilla and almonds, and has, for the first time in a week of wearing pyjamas and nightshirts, managed to put on a pretty dress.

And there she is, my adorable bundle of gas and spit-ups.


Maternal mishaps notwithstanding, I am managing to get some work done. I know I'm supposed to take a break, but after a couple of weeks of forced bed rest, getting in front of my sewing machine actually feels like a vacation.

At the hospital, mother-in-law brought me a magazine showing these gorgeously patchworked pillows, and so I remembered to dig out and finish some pieces I started some months ago. These pillows are now available at the shop.

P.S. I've made no secret of adoring Abby Glassenberg, and I have even more appreciation for her now that I completely understand why she calls her shop While She Naps. Motherhood gives you focus, I'm finding out. Once that baby is off dozing, you run and get going to get done all that you need to do. You never know at what minute she'll wake up hungry and start wailing for the cow -- and that means you.