vendredi 30 octobre 2009

This and That

An Internet connection that for a few days made like I was back in the dark ages of dial-up prevented me from posting anything new here, but I've got some news.

First, it's open! The thing my husband and I are up, that I talked about in the blog post below, is La Pomme Vintage -- a shop of the vintage goodies we've accumulated as a result of our shared love for on the weekends going to the "brocantes" or vintage markets around here in the south where we live.

What you'll find there is a mix of the useful things that my husband Pierre picks up ("manly" things, I call them), and the more fanciful things that always draw me -- and that my husband often has a hard time understanding. ("But what will you do with them?" he asks. "Something. Nothing. Uhm, I'm not sure," I vaguely answer.)

We don't have a proper banner yet, but I've been so happy with the photos we've been taking that I couldn't resist and went ahead and put a few products up. What do you think?

And because managing three shops is not something I can do, my books, zines, and artworks in La Pomme Stories are being moved to my main shop, La Pomme. If you're a fan of my stories, that's where you want to go from now on.

Oh, and remember my failure of a giveaway? I picked a winner -- Apryl Lowe from England -- and a runner-up. The runner-up was for all the girls who were sending me entries to the giveaway through e-mail, comments on my blog, and through Twitter -- everywhere except where they should have, which was my Facebook fan page! I have a fondness for people who don't follow rules, though, so I decided to send one of these rebel girls one of my plush boat ornaments. Something similar to the photo above is sailing off to Miss Chicago as I type. Congratulations, Apryl and Steph!

Uhm, what else? Well the baby's sleeping through the night, and that's wonderful. And I've given in to that urge Ira used to talk about and have developed this compulsion to buy all kinds of clothes for my little girl, dresses, stockings, jackets, bonnets, and scarves, even if I must admit that she seems just as happy in her pyjamas. My latest purchase are these sneakers, which of course has the husband exclaiming, "But she's not even walking yet!"

Sigh. Men know nothing, do they?

6 commentaires:

misschicago a dit…

yay! I'm so glad I got your vote and your boat. :) thank you so very much, lapomme! I have a big smile today. :)

Apryl a dit…

thank you.. I'm so happy I won.. even if I somewhat followed the rules on this occasion!

Anonyme a dit…

love love love that boat

DeerLola a dit…

Apol, I love your new shop and every listing so far. I wish you losts of success with this new venture !!

ArtMind a dit…

Haha, so funny you! I love your new shop & it will be fun to see what you gathered during the weekends! :)

Rita alias alatvian a dit…

Congratulations to your new shop! Good luck with it!

Thank you so much for sharing!
It's a fun reading!