vendredi 9 octobre 2009

To Australia, With Love

Finally -- well, for a few days now actually -- I have Love Pears all ready for residents of Australia, whose strict quarantine laws have prevented me from sending certain of my products there. These fruities have stems made from fabric-covered wire instead of licorice. And you can find them over at my shop here.

3 commentaires:

Eva a dit…

oh, so they are now allowing to send dried lavender over there?
That's good news!!!
I'm glad to see you online now and then :) Believe me, I know how it is with small (or even with a little bit bigger) babies.
All the very best from frankfurt

muntingbinibini a dit…

Tita Apol!!! :D

You might want to check this out:

Follow mo diyan lahat ng blogs na gusto mo para pag may bagong post, sa iisang page lalabas na lahat ng latest. No need to visit each and every site xD

I followed you there na pala, hehehe ;)

Also, i-follow mo narin ako, hahahah!

Else´s Bod a dit…

I Love Love LOVE!!!
/ Lisa.