samedi 19 février 2011

Boat on a Linen River

Today I'm wishing to escape to somewhere far away...

mercredi 16 février 2011

A Bientot, Apples, Pears, and Angels

I'm also a writer. It's not something I talk a lot about here on this blog, but I write speculative fiction, some of which have gotten published in magazines and book anthologies; and in 2009 I published a book of essays. To continue calling myself a writer, however, I have got to write. In 2010, all that I had published were stuff that I had written in the years before. I am disappointed with myself.

I have decided to make time for words, and that means having to give up a bit of my sewing.

My much-loved plush apples and pears, as well as my lavender sachets and scented angels, will be available at the shop only until 27 February 5 March. After the 5th, I will only be accepting orders for them for weddings. Individuals who want to order them for their homes should do so before 27 February, or wait until September when they will be put back in stock, in time for the holidays.

Something to look forward to: End of February, I will begin putting up online pieces from Reclaimed, my new collection of functional home accessories made 100-percent from recycled fabric. Think mended and tattered made hip :) The bags, cushion covers, tea towels, and scented sachets in this collection will be all ready to ship.

March I'll be hunkering down in front of the computer, and I swear I'm going to be writing or else cut my fingers off! Wish me luck.

As a way to say "A bientot, see you soon," to my plush fruits and angels, here I am dedicating to them one of my stories. It's called "The Sewing Project," and you can find it by clicking here.

lundi 14 février 2011

Valentine Night Sewing

Celebrating Valentine's day is just not our thing, so tonight, while the husband watches a film, I plan to finish sewing up the pincushions made from scraps of fabric that I stamped for past projects. They're for my new collection, coming soon at the shop. As you can see from the photo, the collection is called Reclaimed.
To all those who are celebrating V-day, enjoy and be sure to exchange plenty of kisses!

Uhmmm, Excuse Me....

... but I've realized - thanks to people much smarter than I am - that changing blogs right now, to the Wordpress address I mentioned in my previous post, would be a foolish thing to do because I had already bought a domain name, and this domain name can very well be the address of my new blog. So my sister is working on that (because I really am a techie-idiot), and we'll be launching the new blog under my very own domain name really soon. Meanwhile I am staying put and blogging right here. Really sorry for the confusion; I can be a real flake sometimes.

Everything else I said holds true, however. Starting now I'll be blogging mainly about my sewing and vintage-hunting, with the occasional "oh-look-what-inspired-me-recently" post. Things more personal you can find in my personal Facebook page. Fans of Provenciana, the book published in 2009 from the blog I wrote of the same name, should go to Facebook too. I'll be posting wacky new essays there soon. (I'm flaky, but trying oh-so-hard to organize my online life now!)

In the meanwhile, go take a look at some of this weekend's vintage finds which I'll be listing in the shop soon:

Antique pharmacy bottles
(Hey, these sold as I was writing this post-yippee!)

Old tin boxes

A dame-jeanne