mercredi 16 février 2011

A Bientot, Apples, Pears, and Angels

I'm also a writer. It's not something I talk a lot about here on this blog, but I write speculative fiction, some of which have gotten published in magazines and book anthologies; and in 2009 I published a book of essays. To continue calling myself a writer, however, I have got to write. In 2010, all that I had published were stuff that I had written in the years before. I am disappointed with myself.

I have decided to make time for words, and that means having to give up a bit of my sewing.

My much-loved plush apples and pears, as well as my lavender sachets and scented angels, will be available at the shop only until 27 February 5 March. After the 5th, I will only be accepting orders for them for weddings. Individuals who want to order them for their homes should do so before 27 February, or wait until September when they will be put back in stock, in time for the holidays.

Something to look forward to: End of February, I will begin putting up online pieces from Reclaimed, my new collection of functional home accessories made 100-percent from recycled fabric. Think mended and tattered made hip :) The bags, cushion covers, tea towels, and scented sachets in this collection will be all ready to ship.

March I'll be hunkering down in front of the computer, and I swear I'm going to be writing or else cut my fingers off! Wish me luck.

As a way to say "A bientot, see you soon," to my plush fruits and angels, here I am dedicating to them one of my stories. It's called "The Sewing Project," and you can find it by clicking here.

7 commentaires:

Lindsay L. a dit…

Good luck!

Le Vélo Noir a dit…

It is good that you will be making time for stitching words into stories. Best wishes and most of all, have FUN:)

Dennise a dit…

YEY! I am so happy with the decision to go back to writing! I love your articles and I am looking forward to read new ones! :)

The fancy cat a dit…

Your angels are so cute and good luck for your writing project :) !!

IKABAGS a dit…

Good luck aPOL :)

pillowville a dit…

Your writing is divine! Please keep your fingers in tact and get back to it! What wonders await us! Thank you for sharing your many talents with the world.


Denise a dit…

Whatever the creative outlet is, one must sacrifice and set goals to find the time to create.
I find sleep deprivation to be one of the sacrifices, (grin).
My best of wishes, that you begin your goal! Everything that comes from it, will fall into place.