lundi 14 février 2011

Uhmmm, Excuse Me....

... but I've realized - thanks to people much smarter than I am - that changing blogs right now, to the Wordpress address I mentioned in my previous post, would be a foolish thing to do because I had already bought a domain name, and this domain name can very well be the address of my new blog. So my sister is working on that (because I really am a techie-idiot), and we'll be launching the new blog under my very own domain name really soon. Meanwhile I am staying put and blogging right here. Really sorry for the confusion; I can be a real flake sometimes.

Everything else I said holds true, however. Starting now I'll be blogging mainly about my sewing and vintage-hunting, with the occasional "oh-look-what-inspired-me-recently" post. Things more personal you can find in my personal Facebook page. Fans of Provenciana, the book published in 2009 from the blog I wrote of the same name, should go to Facebook too. I'll be posting wacky new essays there soon. (I'm flaky, but trying oh-so-hard to organize my online life now!)

In the meanwhile, go take a look at some of this weekend's vintage finds which I'll be listing in the shop soon:

Antique pharmacy bottles
(Hey, these sold as I was writing this post-yippee!)

Old tin boxes

A dame-jeanne

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Apryl a dit…

love the apothacary bottles they are fantastic. and the vintage tins too. I just made a little pincushion out of a vintage silver plate bowl but think a vintage tin would make a fantastic pincushion. *ponders ideas*

I am mostly a techno-dunce too though I do have brief moments of technical brilliance... well maybe not brilliance but enough to get by.