vendredi 10 septembre 2010

Back to School Giveaway

I used to love going back to school because the smell of my new books and notebooks made me happy; but hated it, too, because it meant waking up at dawn to get to my classes on time. Until now the memory makes me want to crawl back under the covers and hide from my alarm clock!

Wave your hands up in the air if you're done with the back-to-school rush and say "Whew!" While the not-so-little-anymore spring roll is still too little to be packing her school bag, I can imagine what it must be like to go through the whole business of changing from slow summer days to active school ones. I know many of you out there are just now having the time to breathe from all the September activity, so I thought I'd help you relax with a little weekend giveaway. Just because.

Tell me why you love OR why you hate going back to school and you can win the Alphabet Apple above.

If you've been to school, are still going to school, have kids who go school, or a family member you're helping through school, you're welcome to join. Tell me your love or hate school thoughts in the comments section. This giveaway is not going to last long! I'll pick a random winner on Monday.

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Apryl a dit…

i loved new notebooks, pens and pencils, and covering textbooks with brownpaper to doodle on... but thats about it I was smart enough as a student but never really fit I worry about H because he is now in year 2 but he seems to get along with everyone and fit in while still being his own crazy little person.

not all the time but sometimes I really love making his lunch, I bought him a bento box last year and have enjoyed making little sandwiches and things that fit in it.

...also that quiet that falls on the house when everyone has gone out the door and its just me and the cats and all the potential of a kettle on the stove.. that is bliss... even if I get lonely later on that first hour of me time is magic.

IKABAGS a dit…

Everytime I love back to school time,for me is erally funny time :) because every time I found some small details to be happy !

I am remember after school we are jumping some tree and we ate lots of fresh fruit with my friends !
We read lots of book together !
And i love school supplies :))
Pencils,notebooks etc, still I have a lot :))

Long time later I visited there, all trees are already cut and now lots of appertment there :((

I am missing school time !

Eunhwa a dit…

I always loved the end of summer and going back to school. Even now, if I could choose a profession, it would be being an eternal student!

I now enjoy getting my girls ready for school year. Shopping for school supplies i.e. pencils, pens, backpacks! Even the smell of stationary stores and bookstores makes me quite happy.

misschicago a dit…

School meant meeting up with friends, and the end to all that wondering about "what do I do today?" that came with school break. The irony though that once the routine set in, I would find myself wishing it were vacation time again. :)

vadjutka a dit…

On Saturday I am going back to school again!

I am going to a silversmith school for 2 yrs, and it starts on saturday - and I am truly thrilled to learn something completly different.

I have 2 diplomas, and I am more excited and thrilled to start this school than I was when i started my first university :-).

I would be so happy to win your Apple, because I desperately need a pincushion! :-)

StudioCalifornia a dit…

In my younger days it was my biggest desire to learn the English language. But at the age of 21 I became mother and had other things to do. The next years I started over and over with private teachers and different schools but it wasn't enough. At the age of 46 I made my dream come true and I moved from Germany to California. I took all my savings and applied for a student visa. I have been in CA for 4 years and I study the language I always wanted to learn and still love it every single day. I went back to school and I never regret my decision. Today my daughter is very proud of me.

Scacco alle Regine a dit…

I'm a lirical singer and the study is always necessary!
Once at week I go to my japanese teacher with my music sheets.. they are new or vintage...

I'm really interested to the back to school argument !!!
See here my last interview!!!

You have ot a very beautiful shop and blog too!!!


.Reez a dit…

My favorite part about going back to school is school supply shopping - esp. buying those cool pencil cases with all the little gadgets that pop out of it). I also loved my Trapper Keeper - remember those? Like you, I also loved the smell of new notebooks and books. Lastly, I liked putting on my school uniform and going out with friends after school in our uniforms!

*note: I was in the Philippines so this was 'cool' there, probably not so much in the US??

Linda a dit…

What I loved about going back to school was getting a new outfit and shoes and most of the time it was too warm to wear the new clothes. I could not wait until we got our supply list and went to the store to get everything bright and new. The crayon's smell was intoxicating and I hated to dull the new points. Meeting our new teachers and seeing old friends. I could not wait to see if my best friends were in my class and later in the fall, walking in the crisp leaves. It was a time for blistered heals from my new shoes, but smile on my face when a cute boy walked me home.

ricebabies a dit…

I have been so busy with my newest one, I haent had a chance to drop by and say hello.

My oldest started school and I wanted to get his teacher something, and I had thought of your apples. very cool.

I loved elementary..the smell of new pencils the a new box of fresh sharp crayons.hmmmm

I didnt like high school, nosy small town teachers, the sillyness of high school coolness.

I did love University...because I set the schedule..ha ha

Beatriz Macias a dit…

I consider myself a professional student. I love school, I love learning, and I love teaching. Nothing wrong with loving school.

kraplap a dit…

I love school, ever and ever. Liked it very much, and if I could I would go to school again ! Learning is enrichment of life....

Sheshanna a dit…

On my first day in school I didn't quite get it and spend a lot of time climbing on the table! By the end of the day I was sent home to come back the next year! When I look back I feel priviled as we were in a tiny village just one teacher for 6 classes in the same room, and it felt so homely and comforting. All the furniture was in wood, old style schooldesks, blackboard and chalk...
I'm crossing all my fingers to win this little apple! It would take pride of place in my living room!!!
Happy Sunday xSheshanna

Sonia a dit…

hi ! :) first of all, thanks for this awesome giveaway, I know myself how fun they are when I host some too :)
Well, I used to love school, mostly for the school supplies, I loved learning in class, & playing with my friends at school, but I also hated it, for the same reason as you ... having to get up so early & have long days, tiring days. French school system is far from being the best in that area.
In fact I don't live very far from you, and I even have family where you live. I'm in Montpellier.
Thanks again ! :) have a wonderful weekend

Anonyme a dit…

I started English school without knowing one single word. My dad dropped me off on the first day and promised to pick me up at noon. It was the longest 4 hours of my life. I cried so much in class that finally the teacher told me to *shut up*. Those were my first English words. I never forgot them ! From there on in, my first day of school always brought a few tears to my eyes.


fairycreations a dit…

i loved going back to school because i was again with all my friends and teachers..i loved my new pencils, pens, the smell of the rubbers, i always missed my uniform and i always loved the way we were looking all the students the same and didnt show off clothes etc. i loved all the activities in school and i never felt boring of it!
the only thing i hated was the morning waking starts at 7:30 in the morning which is too early and i always get in class at 7:35 haha

and because am so work now starts at 7:30 :P

and now...7 years after finishing school, i wish i could be a student again..great memories without stress!

neraidodhmiourgies at gmail dot com

fairycreations a dit…
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Škorčica a dit…

O, this is great giveaway!

I loved most when I was wrapping my notebooks at the beginning of a school year, the nice smell of sharpened pencils and colourful autumn.
But I didn't like to wake up early! :)

Thank you for the opportunity!

Sharline a dit…

I've always loved the beginning of the school year. I look forward to shopping for school supplies (bouquets of pencils and pens!) and covering my books in plastic wrap.

I'm still a student now (if you count Alliance Française), but I'm on break and I'll be going back next month. I'm a bit anxious about starting again because I haven't practiced French for months!

NoniBam a dit…

My children started a new school in a new country. They were fed up already with the summer holiday and went back to play with people "their size" quite happily. Now I'm left behind to do all the things I want to do - explore a new city (Budapest) and enjoy ME!!!

Ravenhill a dit…

I really loved school most of the time but I am so happy not to have to go anymore! I went for years and years!!! And I don't miss the stress of all the exams...
Your apple is wonderful, so cute and such a great idea!
hugs from Emily xo

Anonyme a dit…

Ooops...I guess I am too late but still I will share. Going to school brings back memories of the cool stuff I had back then, like my Hello Kitty pencil box with two openings on both front and back sides, with built-in sharpener in the corner and a tape measure folded in one of the slots in the box. Sharpened Sanrio pencils and fruity smelling erasers neatly in place.