mardi 31 août 2010

Taming my Creativity

In this post I said that the reason I am now working on themed collections is that I don't anymore have the luxury of time enough to constantly create new things, but I am finding that having to put my mind to working on a fixed theme has another effect, aside from that of saving me precious time, and one that I am equally glad for.

I talked about it in my Etsy Featured Seller interview back in 2008, and up till now I still feel that I need to tame my creative exuberance, because while it helps me come up with some crazy-loveliness, I have to admit that it also leads to me making some downright ugly things too.

The sense of having certain mental controls is also comforting somehow, it focuses my energies. This path is interesting.

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IKABAGS a dit…

Goodmorning Apol ;)
ok now i have time little bit for me and i want to write somethings about my life ;sorry my poor english ;)

My mother was an teacher and she learned french in her school, when i was a child evertime she said me my petite la pomme ;) because i am hers 5. children , another four baby never lived unfortunately and then very strong mounths later I am in the world !

I am so happy she is very creative and she done lots of wonderful things , and know I am trying doing lots of things, i can t stop it, sometime i cant sleep well with my dreams :)

When I am going in fabric centrum i am crazy girl ! i want touch all of fabrics, i wnat smell all of fabrics !

and I am working hard now i dont have a time some special things , now I am thinking how i can do it all;soon is not posibble but later yes !

We are living with our dreams , we cant stop it !

Have a nice and creative week

Ps; an one more thing , for today i saw mine last post i had a mistake and i send lots of link ,if you want you can cancel my last post before this one :)

Apryl a dit…

I think sometimes you have to make the ugly things that dont work to find the things that do work and are lovely. saying that I have always lacked the dicipline of being able to sit down and stick to one thing until it is done and not get distracted by other things.

Leililaloo a dit…

I so know what you mean Apol..Doing things project wise saved me to :)) and it also brought me a new perspective on how I see my own work and where I want it to go….

La Pomme a dit…

Feyza, we MUST shop together one day when I go up to Paris!

Apryl, if you saw the giant box filled with ugliness I have in my sewing room you would change your mind :)

Yes, Dana, I love how this new process is teaching me discipline. You should write something in your blog about this. I would love to learn how you are going about it.

IKABAGS a dit…

:))) Yes !

Today is short post from me ;) easy to write yesss :))

Have a great day Apol !

Kisses for you and small beauty ;)