jeudi 12 août 2010

Where To?

I was going to tell you all about my fun but exhausting weekend which involved, among many other things, a suprise birthday party for my stepdaughter (That's us in a pear-eating contest above.), but reading Dana's blog post today, and the link to the blog post by Enhabiten and the NY Times article found there, got me sidetracked, thinking of where I am with my business.

I started La Pomme in 2007, but back then it was just a hobby, and I only really managed to put together a cohesive product line some time in 2008. Then 2009 came, and it was crazy! Orders started coming in that I could barely keep up with, and it became apparent that La Pomme could be a viable business.

But then our little girl was on the way. We had decided in 2008 to have her, as I was in my late 30s and waiting any longer seemed foolish. So at the same time that La Pomme was kicking off, she was starting to kick around in my belly too.

When Lilou was born last August, spending as much time as I could with my first baby was the only real choice for me, however this doesn't mean that I didn't find it difficult and frustrating having to put the brakes on a promising business start.

These days, I kind of coast along, content on earning minimum wage, giving myself a pat on the back when I can manage to send off an order of 50 Inspiration Apples given a lead time of a month, when once upon a time I could do more than a hundred apples in a week!

My baby is turning one very soon, though, and I am beginning to re-think things. Do I continue to coast, or do I rev up the business engine? Am I ready to do that, and accept all the stress that goes with it?

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Kreativlink a dit…

Think only you can know the answers to your questions! :)

But if I may say so - as long as you don't need the money badly - just enjoy your little springroll and keep the business on the side.

fleurfatale a dit…

ooh, she is a cutie, your stephdaughter, she also has Asian looks!
and yes, not an easy choice,
me too, I am always busy trying to find a balance between work and family,....
in the meantime, enjoy!

Babongo Handmade a dit…

Sweet pic of your stepdaughter :)
Agree with K, this is your decision to make, but I understand that this is something you think about and I guess it's important to think about it :)
Good luck on making choices!

By the way, I saw one of your cushions and wall hangings in a Dutch magazine! It looked awesome, congrats!

Nesta Usa a dit…

WOW! We are totally on the same page!!! I find it difficult to relax and not constantly make/design/create things... But I am no longer the boss and that in itself has been life changing for me and by business...

I have faith we'll find our way!!!

Your daughter's adorable by the way :) Happy Birthday Lilou!!!


Apryl a dit…

I think only you can decided what to do about the buisness but the next year is an important one for a baby... she will learn new things and talk and it will be a difficult choice to work more.. I think you can find a balance to make you happy but you will have to work at it... daycare/nursery can be a brilliant things for little ones as long as you balance it right and I thinky ou are birriliant enough to manage a thriving buisness with being a brilliant mother. Babies are only small for a short time and you should enjoy it as much as you can while you have the cance and can still potter around with making things in a more leisurely manner.

La Pomme a dit…

K, it really isn't about the money for me, but rather a feeling that I am neglecting something important....

Fleur, yep, we're a global family, much like yours. And you are one of my goddesses and you know it :)

Babongo, the magazine feature came out already! Must hound them for a copy. Thanks for reminding me.

I get exactly what you mean, Tandie, exactly!

Apryl, you are one of my favorite cheerleaders, did I tell you already? Yes, daycare is an option. Finding one that has an opening in these parts is a horror though. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

Leililaloo a dit…

Dear Apol, thank you so much for your comment and for your blog post on these issues. It's so nice to see how open and supportive the crafting community can be , isn't it? That, among some really nice other things, really makes me happy.

I wanted to respond much deeper on what you wrote in my comment , but I just haven't got the energy left in me right now, so sorry...That sometimes happens after a long day running around as mommy…I’m sure you know what I mean:)

Ps. Wow, your Step-daughter is like a sweet peach...and your daughter a like a sweet Cherrie, they are so uber -cute!!!

vadjutka a dit…

I read the second part as well, but I'd rather comment here.

I am sure you will be able to handle these questions, so I only have questions for you:

Why do you think, you should have to do the business like you did before springroll was born?
YOu can always go back to that state slowly, step by step, each year doing a little more, so by the time your baby goes to kindergarden (or something you have there) you will be able to continue.

tuesday a dit…

I agree with Vadjutka!