jeudi 23 septembre 2010

Photos of Old Bottles

Old medicine bottles are among my absolute favorite vintage things to find. There is something infinitely mysterious and just a little bit menacing about them, I think. They aren't easy to photograph, though, especially the clear glass ones, which take in so much light.

Some of these bottles are still at available at the Vintage Home section of the shop.

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Ravenhill a dit…

Such beautiful old bottles! We used to look under our barn to find antique treasures like these, as that is where they dumped their things apparently. We never found labels on the bottles, just raised print on the bottles. They always looked so pretty in the sunshine in the windows.

I picked a winner today! I blogged about it and will send you the info when I hear from the lucky winner. (I am soooo jelous of her!) :D
wishing you a happy day!
hugs from Emily

vadjutka a dit…

how beautiful bottles - I would definitely buy a few if my flat was bigger (=more space for bottles :-))

Amanda a dit…

Hello Apol! How wonderful to hear from you! I was so delighted yesterday when I discovered that Emily had chosen me to win your delicious pears! I absolutely love them and have the perfect spot in mind to display them! I love your work. You have a fantastic eye! Thank you Apol....there will be a serene spot in my home now, thanks to you! Lots of love, Amanda xxx

La Pomme a dit…

Emily, thank you again for hosting the giveaway! And finding old things is always a thrill, isn't it?

Judit, I hope you have space for the surprise I am sending you :D

Wonderful to see you here, too, Amanda. I had a great time discovering your blog the other day, and hope my colorless apples find their space in your colorful world!

Sheshanna a dit…

I like that set of three dark brown bottles. They are beautiful. I'd use them in my house anyday for decor! Maybe even placed somewhere in the garden ;)

Sheshanna - PIECE UNIQUE