jeudi 16 septembre 2010

Photos of Home (and a giveaway - again!)

We're advancing a little bit more in decorating the little home in the country we moved into three months ago - yey! While going through photos I've been taking of our interiors, I realized that our home actually looks like my shop - lots of whites and browns, lots of light, and an obvious love of empty space. Most of the photos you see here is actually for our vintage goods. So when you go to La Pomme, it's actually like you're visiting our home, and that's nice isn't it?

I take a break from all the serious wood-and-linen thing we have going on by going for unexpected décor pieces, like one of my own plush pears and a bird from Abby Glassenberg on top of the fireplace. Still in very restrained colors, yes, I know.

I'm specially happy because this past week, our bench was delivered. We had it made by an artisan I met at our village's weekly vintage market. His name is Patrick Gilles (and as soon as I find his calling card, I'll post a link to his website here), and he makes wonderful furniture from recycled wood. Our bench is made from a combination of an African hardwood and beechwood, and with its inclined back rest and polished edges, has got to be the most comfortable bench I have ever had the pleasure to sit on!

And just to show that we are not entirely color-free, here is Lilou's play area, a curtained-off part of the living room. The rug is from Ikea (and it seems like every little girl I know has one), and Mr. Ugly Cow (my name for him) was a gift from a cousin.

About the giveaway: Ravenhill's lovely Emily - whose way with colors I covet! - is hosting a giveaway to celebrate the launch of my Autumn-Winter Collection over at her blog. Click here to join.

7 commentaires:

IKABAGS a dit…

How beautiful :))

Amy Marshall a dit…

I love seeing inside your home! It looks like you have plenty of natural light, how wonderful! Yes, it does remind me of your shop. Great post!

Michelle a dit…

Looks absolutely wonderful and yes it is
great if I go to your Shop and I am
almost in your Home :)

Sonia a dit…

thanks for the peek into your home, neutral colors are a great choice, so soothing for the eyes.
thanks for sharing the name of the artist who made your bench, it may come in handy for me -who knows-.
have a lovely day ! xoxo

Sharline a dit…

Wow, your interiors are very nice. All that natural light is just wonderful.

Ravenhill a dit…

the shot with your little love crawling around is precious! People are just thrilled to peices over the give away on my blog!!! They adore your work!
hugs from emily xo

vadjutka a dit…

your flat looks lovely - and I can lend you some colors: I have lots of it in my flat :-)