samedi 18 septembre 2010

Yesterday's Work

Friday was a good day.

I managed to sew a few cotton bags that I'll use for packaging my Autumn-Winter Collection.

I sent off the latest of my La Couturière, "The Seamstress," vintage sewing boxes with all kinds of notions I find in vintage fairs and flea markets. I am happy that these boxes are popular at the shop because I really take great pleasure in putting them together. This last one I finished off with an extra doily, and it reminded me of Star of the East's urchin jewelry.

Then to end my precious few working hours, I finished a bunch of Yoda Pears, which make me smile every time I look at them. I think they look fun and cool and modern. And they can be found here.
Now I think I'll relax, tonight invent a chicken recipe using rosemary (because I have four big bushes and I have to do something with all that herb!) and maybe visit the car boot sale at the Boudres quartier of our village tomorrow to see if I can find anything interesting for our vintage goods section. Have a fun and creative weekend, everyone!

3 commentaires:

IKABAGS a dit…

How beautiful Apol :)

And box is formidable :)

Have a lovely weekend to you !

IKABAGS a dit…

Today morning early I went fabric store and i bought super fabrics for winter and autumn :)

Apryl a dit…

love the Yoda pears that makesme smile after a very hectic day filled with tears and tantrums... luckily not all my own.

you can make bread and scones with rosemary.. and apple and rosemary jelly to go with pork dishes.

you could dry it to make aromatic rosmary wreathes .. and sprigs in gifts..

you can also throw some on the bbq to add a bit of flavour to the smoke...