mercredi 4 mars 2009

And The Winner Is...

It's a pear! My Feel Good Pear, more specifically.

So at the end of my little guessing game, I took out my glass muffin bowl in the middle of Thursday night (Sorry I'm not posting any pictures, the flash made it all look so blech!), put the name of everybody who answered correctly in there, and abracadabra-ed a winner.

And it is -- drumbeats, please -- meplusmolly! I've been looking over her Etsy shop and her flickr page, and aside from being good at guessing games, the woman also makes gorgeous textile work. I'm excited to be sending her a pear.

I'll be having more guessing games in the future, so watch this blog!

4 commentaires:

meplusmolly a dit…

Yippeeeeeee! I am sooooo lucky to have won your giveaway and so excited too. I seriously never win things so I was v v surprised when I received your convo via etsy.
Thank you, big smiles all day now!
x ;0

Art Nest a dit…

Congrats meplusmolly!

Thanks for letting us play Apol!


Lambert a dit…

Congrats to the winner! :)

karuski a dit…

Congrats Meplusmolly!

I knew it's a pear but you managed to mislead my thought on EST forum thus I had to guess it's a banana-lol;)

Happy weekend!