samedi 21 mars 2009

Volume 1

So Bronwyn Lloyd got me thinking about making anthologies again. (By the way, you should see the pop-up book she did based on a fantastic werewolf tale--very inspiring!) I've been telling myself that I'll make one only when I have more material, but it's been an itch on my brain for a couple of days now, so to get some relief I decided to go ahead and make a (very) slim volume featuring some of my sweeter pocket fairytales.

The photos you see here show an edited version of the mess that was my work table this afternoon, as I was playing around with my two favorite materials, paper and lace. Sometimes, a session like that ends with everything chucked in the recycling bin. Fortunately, not this time.

Pocket Fairytales, Vol. 1, the zine, is up at the shop.

4 commentaires:

Sophie Appleby a dit…

Oh this is so inspiring and beautiful, I just love the little key and the lace, its all just perfect. You are an amazing artist..
Sophie x

La Pomme a dit…

Thank you, Sophie, you are too kind.

(Your full name is wonderful -- sounds like it should belong to a character in a children's tale :D)

jealousydesign a dit…

I noticed these in your shop and I must say that I love them!! great idea!

Bronwyn Lloyd a dit…

That's brilliant - I just bought a copy! Well done on getting your first anthology out into the world - at the rate you've been writing lately there'll be a second volume right on its tail.