vendredi 6 mars 2009

A Revival

When I opened my second shop, La Pomme Stories, last July, I was overwhelmed by the response I got from buyers and blog owners. People seemed to really like my handmade books! It felt great. Unfortunately, the more pressing demands of life got in the way, and just two months after I had opened shop, La Pomme Stories was a neglected corner of cyberspace.

Then these past weeks two friends, on two different occasions, got in touch asking if I could write stories for people close to them. Doing these projects (which aren't yet finished, but I swear they're near completion, Erna and Ianne!) made me realize that I miss doing my books and collages.

So La Pomme Stories is alive again. I'm committing to a new story every week, which I'll be listing on Tuesdays. Artworks and greeting cards based on the new story may also be listed, depending on how much free time I have.

This week I started off with the story of "An Old Pair of Scissors," inspired by a rusty old pair I found in a 90-year-old woman's sewing box that she had passed on to me. I'd love to know what you think of the story, and of the book and the embroidered drawings I made from it.

An Old Pair of Scissors

Today I shared my meager lunch with a man dressed in rags, very thin and very pale,
whom I found sitting beside a dirt road as I was on my long way home from my travels.
In exchange for a fistful of bread and some cheese, he offered me a story:

“I used to be a rich man, one of the most successful hommes d’affaires of the city of Sebu.
In my principal mansion I had a grand room built and filled with a hundred golden beds.
My greatest pleasure was to choose my cradle for the night, lie down in a cloud
plump with the soft hairs of fallen sky cats, and dream dreams fit for kings.

“I dreamt of defeating the Alhambran army with my sword and only a handful of warriors,
of crossing the tempestuous waters of the Azamuth in a canoe of my own design,
of being the Chosen One to finally tame the last surviving Sarimanok.
And then in the morning I would wake up and conquer my own world.

“One evening, after hearing a knock on the door, I found on my threshold an old woman
with a basket filled with needles, different-colored thread, and a rusty pair of scissors.
‘I am but a poor old seamstress,’ she said, ‘I have strayed too far from my quartier and am very tired.
Can the kind sir offer me shelter for the night?’ I had no intention of letting anyone else
climb into my beds, and had her chased away by dogs.

“That night, I dreamt I was flying Mo-tse’s eagle kite, my hands manipulating the silver thread
that connected me to the device with the dexterity of a master. Then, in the abruptness of dreams,

there appeared on my right the old seamstress. With a brief but efficient snip of her scissors,
she cut my silver thread, and I watched Mo-tse’s kite disappear into the sky.

“In the months immediately following, the imagination and the boldness that
have always been my constant companions dissipated; I lost all I had.
And I never dreamed again.”

15 commentaires:

ingermaaike a dit…

Beautiful and very sad story, that he would find so many golden beds so important..

jealousydesign a dit…

I agree with Inger, beautiful and sad story. Your work is great always enjoy looking at the new things you comes up with.

Kreativlink a dit…

Wonderful story again Pomme! You really should make more of these :)

Amanda Yu a dit…

Really lovely, great story! :)
I love the soft hairs of fallen sky cats part.

karuski a dit…

Very poetic story, I like it.
I remember liking lapommestories shop at first sight when I signed up for Etsy a year ago. So good that new stories are coming up:)


Gunnels blog a dit…

Beutiful work!

meplusmolly a dit…

what a beautiful and also sad, poignant story. love your work ;0

Katrina a dit…

I absolutely adore your poignantly beautiful stories and handmade, embroidered books, Apol! In fact, of all your charming creations, the books are my favorite. I am determined to own one (or more) of them someday. :-)

Anna+Lila a dit…

what a beautiful story!

Bronwyn Lloyd a dit…

That is a beautifully plotted story Apol - what a terrible punishment it would be to lose access to the world of your dreams. I'm so pleased that you've revived your 'Imagined Histories' series. While I love looking at all your whimsical creations I think your story telling ability is your real point of difference - do you plan to put out an anthology of your stories at some point? That would be a fabulous book!

La Pomme a dit…

I am so thrilled at everyone's enthusiasm -- makes me want to write even more.

Bronwyn, thank you for your comment -- it means a lot. I've been toying with the idea of an anthology, but only when I have more material. Something to aim for by the end of the year, maybe!

Paperfection a dit…

How sad! Beautifully done though, and I love your handwriting on the books!

Leililaloo a dit…

You are a wonderful artist, Apol!!!

Anonyme a dit…

Your things are lovely. Is Culture Shock available online? I'd like to link it to The Brown Girl World on

matchstickgirl a dit…

i so absolutely love the story of the old rusty scissors !!!

i have a pair of broken old victoriam sewing scissors they are beautiful i love them