dimanche 1 juin 2008

Let's Swap!

Time to clean up! I'm trying to clear my workroom of stuff left over from my jewelry-making days, so here I'm posting several lots of beads, and some finished jewelry for swapping.

I'm looking to swap for sewing stuff: nice cotton and linen, buttons and ribbons galore! I'd especially love to receive vintage pieces, as well as lengths of beautiful lace. I'm okay with fabric swatches rescued from old clothes--as long as it's gorgeous!

If you see anything you like, tell me what you'd like to swap with, either by sending me a convo through my Etsy shop, or leaving a comment here as to how I can get in touch with you.

Oh, and I live in France, so postage may be a consideration.

Here goes:
Blue Lot: 4 carved lapi lazuli flower beads (2.5cm diameter), 10 glass beads (2 cm), half string of dyed cultured pearls, 6 African glass beads, 2 blue quartz beads, 4 miscellaneous beads

Gold Lot: half string rice pearls, half string yellow cultured pearls, 2 big mother-of-pearl leaf pendants (6 cm long), 1 small mother-of-pearl leaf bead (3 cm), 2 shell pendants (one oblong, one teardrop, both 5 cm long), 2 gold pins, mother-of-pearl beads, 6 sodalite beads, plus various gold-toned beads

Green Lot: jade pendant (5.3 cm diameter), 23 flat green stone beads (maybe chrysocolla, but am not sure, sorry!; 1.75 cm long), 3 carved glass flower beads (1.75 cm), 5 small crystal beads

Black Lot: 13 carved horn teardrop beads (3 cm long), 3 jasper rectangle beads (1.5 cm), 2 onyx (1.5 cm), 9 oval hematite (1.7 cm), ring-shaped hematite bead, antioch heamatite pendant, a few black cultured pearls

Pink Lot: an overflowing handful of mixed pearls, crystals, and beads, including bigger pieces of rose quartz and pink jasper (see second photo); plus a string of vivid pink cultured pearls

Flower Choker: Something I made. The pendant is a flower made from green crystals and another type of green bead whose name I've forgotten (sorry!). The center is cultured pearls. The cord is braided satin. I can send you more photos if you wish. 16 inches or 40.6 cm.

Crocheted Lot: A set of three chokers. Pendant is made from crocheted copper wire, and various pearls, glass beads, and mother-of-pearl beads. The cords are braided satin. I can send you more photos if you wish. Length is a little more than 16 inches or 40.6 cm.

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