dimanche 8 juin 2008

Found Objects

I've always loved old things. The various places I've lived in since I moved away from the family home have always been filled with vintage finds. I feel better living in a place surrounded by objects that have a history, making me sometimes imagine what kind of couple used to sit in that pair of wooden chairs done in an Art-Deco style and with green paint peeling off, or even just what those old blue bottles used to contain.

Recently, I began incorporating old knick-knacks in my created objects. The history of the old wooden thread spool in the photo above is known: My mother-in-law grew up in the country in the deep south, spent most of her life at home, being mother and wife. We have almost nothing in common, save our love for sewing and making things with our hands. She has an old armoire filled with all sorts of sewing notions, and one day while we were rummaging for textile glue, I found the spool there, with the blue thread wound around it. Now it's a peacock's throne.

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glasfaden a dit…

Oh, this one is so gorgeous! No wonder it's sold already. Congrats!!