dimanche 15 juin 2008

Macro Garden

I garden. Did I say that here already?

These days I've decided on making dry pocket gardens everywhere on the property, but in the beginning I did try vegetables. That turned out to be too much work, when every Sunday small-scale farmers set up their tables in the village food market anyway. Plants are surprising, sturdy creatures, however, and so every now and then I will still get lettuce and tomatoes sprouting in between the Achillea and the Callistemon. I let them be, and harvest when they're ready.

This past spring two onion heads left in the ground started sprouting leaves around the Kniphofias. Now that it's summer and they're flowering, this Shield Bug has decided that it's time to take life easy and has stopped to smell the onion.

Meanwhile, now we know that after she flounced off last night, the Orchard Princess decided to take a walk among the Phyla Nodiflora.

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glasfaden a dit…


Shannah a dit…

I am so happy the Orchard Princess has made another appearance! She is quite lovely:)

ana carina a dit…

This photos are lovely! I'd love to plant vegetables, but I live in an apartment :(


La Pomme a dit…

DEVI, thank you!

Hi, SHANNAH! Nice of you to drop by, and saying sweet things about the little princess.

ANA, plants in pots can be great too.