mardi 3 juin 2008

Random Thought

Bird in progress--a recent custom work.

Something I noticed: I actually like making custom orders. I had figured myself to be a hardheaded girl who was fiercely protective of her creative space, so I thought I wouldn't like collaborating on anything. Well I was wrong. And happy to find out that I am!

I find that other people's input stimulates my imagination, makes me think of creating stuff I wouldn't otherwise, as was the case of the ladybug pirate now in my shop. It all began with a grandmother wanting a little bug for a girl's party, and then mentioning that another grandchild loves pirates. Later that evening, I decided I'd combine the two and came up with something that made a lot of people chuckle at the recent crafts fair I did. Although I have to admit that one guy's comment did make me think that maybe I didn't do it quite right.

He said, "I knew it was a pirate, but I thought it was a pirate rabbit!"

P.S. And I have been blogged! Gretchen, illustrator of wonderful stuff for kids and also occasionally known as ChichiBoulie, did a little something about me in her blog. Click here to see.

3 commentaires:

Karen Sanders a dit…

I love your ladybug pirate LaPomme, but I'm really fascinated with your canned ladybug as well! Keep up this great work your doing!

Star of the East a dit…

Custom works are indeed a way to look different!

MaryAnn a dit…

I sometimes think of a custom work as a collaboration. It does give a different slant to the process and the outcome.