mardi 5 octobre 2010

Apple Season Again

This is what I am currently working on:And this is what I received in the mail from Sonia, winner of my Alphabet Apple giveaway. She drew the apple on a thank-you card, and I am so delighted that I have decided to frame the card and hang it on our hallway. Sonia is a happy discovery for me. When I want to procrastinate, I've been going to her blog to look at her beautiful photos, and I have put on my to-do list to, when I find the time, read through her natural-dyeing blog. I made experiments with natural dyeing years ago, using linden leaves and some berries, and this blog is making me want to try it again. I hope you enjoy discovering Sonia's works as much as I am.

1 commentaire:

Sonia a dit…

oh my, Apol, I'm blushing from head to toe !!! I'm so happy you got my little thank you card, it was so fun to make it :) Goodness, what a honor for it to get framed, beware, the apple is going to blush & become red like my cheecks ;-)
thank YOU from the bottom of my heart, Apol. We need to meet up sometimes !
PS : thank you for the mention of my blogs, and for your kind words about my photos. (I think I'll be blushing till this evening LOL)