mercredi 13 octobre 2010

A Malicious Wind and Reworking My Apples and Pears

Our weeping willow tree died, did I tell you? I think on Twitter I did. It was a couple of weeks ago, when the Mistral came blowing down on us and wreaked the havoc it normally does. I have ceased getting headaches every time that wind comes, but I still don't like it. I think there is something just a tad bit evil about the Mistral...

Anyway, killed our weeping willow it did, made it break its trunk down near the roots. It is one of those weeping willows with curly branches, if you know the variety, a saule pleureur tortueux. It is a beautiful tree. Was. Was a beautiful tree.

Most of it will be for the fireplace this winter, but those branches are just too graceful to not do anything with. I took some for myself, and plan to do many things with them, like cover them with lace and make fabric flowers to attach to them.

I've also taken some to make twigs for my reworked Pearfect Pears and Apples of My Eye. These new versions of two of my classic fruits are prettier, I think, and more affordable; my homage to an innocent tree felled by a bad, bad wind. I hope you like them.

4 commentaires:

Bronwyn Lloyd a dit…

It's so sad to lose a dear old tree. We have an ancient fig tree in a similarly precarious state, so I hope the spring storms will be kind to her. Still, I'm glad your tree will keep you warm through winter and that you're able to use the curly twigs in your handcrafts.

Anonyme a dit…

Hi it's Angelique. Your apples came out in Design Sponge today ... am impressed:) Here's the link:

La Pomme a dit…

*waves to Bronwyn*

*jumps with joy at Angelique's news*

How are you two? Glad you dropped by.

Leslie a dit…

I'm sorry about your tree! We had a weeping willow in our backyard when I was growing up. The branches fell nearly to the ground and we could go inside them - almost like a tent, where we set up a little table and chairs, sometimes. We cut it down but I don't remember why - diseased or something. It was sad.

I can't wait to see what you do with the branches!