jeudi 7 octobre 2010

On the Way to the Post Office, I Saw This

Because of all the things that I need to do and the multitude of tasks I often have to leave undone, I sometimes forget - no, I often forget - to look. Just look.

I realized this yesterday, when on my to the post office, I decided I had had enough of contemplating pavement and saw this. Everyday, ordinary beauty, that's for sure, but beauty nonetheless.

Look. Another thing to put on my to-do list.

5 commentaires:

Apryl a dit…

lovely... it would look great in black and white.

Amanda a dit…

Hello! I received my fabulous pears yesterday and I can't thank you enough! They are stunning! If you read my recent post you'll know where I'm going to display them! They make me very happy! Thanks again. Lots of love and kisses, Amanda xxx

Half Pint Salvage a dit…

This is quite it! I wish my walks to the post office were that beautiful.

Sheshanna a dit…

It's mad isn't it. I'm the same when I have to go to the post office in my similarly quaint little village I'm rushing because I'm late (closes at 11.45 on the dot) then rushing back because I'm late to prepare little one's lunch, so I just trot up the street and down again. Should start varying my itineraries a little. Thanks for this reminder !!!

tamdoll a dit…

Beautiful picture!
I love to look around when I'm out and about... it's the camera that I often forget to bring along.