vendredi 2 juillet 2010

Yippeeee! (or, we survived the moving!)

It was stressful, and the decorating is not finished yet, but we have done with the moving! And because I am still too tired to talk too much at the moment, I'll let pictures tell you how our little family is taking a break from all the things we still have to do to make our new little house in the country a home, and is just hanging out for the moment, enjoying the beginning of summer.

P.S. Thank you, Patricia, for the first three photos!


Il a été stressant, et on a pas tout à fait fini de décorer la nouvelle maison, mais le déménagement est fait! Comme je suis toujours trop fatiguée même pour bavarder, je laisse quelques photos vous dire comment notre petite famille se repose, en oubliant pour le moment les milliers de petites choses qu'il nous reste toujours à faire, et profite du début de l'été.

P.S. Merci, Patricia, pour les trois premières photos!

7 commentaires:

vadjutka a dit…

the garden of your new house looks very promising - as well as the cherries and the melons :-)

more photos!!!

Annabelle a dit…

Oh sounds good! Not the tired bit (albeit good tired I'm sure!) but the new house bit.
I love that first pic of you and spring roll. And the cherries and melon... miam!

Apryl a dit…

fabulous! You have been missed from the blogverse! love the pics and cant wait to see more picstures of your new home and what you do to it!

jan a dit…

Nice to have you back! Your new yard looks lovely!

kraplap a dit…

welcome back Pomme ! I love the last pic with the two-ponytailed springroll !

Kreativlink a dit…

Beautiful! Springrool is getting cuter and cuter! :)

Feyza DEMIRTAS a dit…

Welcome back Apol , so happy for your for your family , i will be waiting your home photos :))