jeudi 8 juillet 2010

Yes, They Can Be Trained ;)

As many of you know, my husband and I love going to vintage fairs and flea markets on the weekends, although we always end up getting very different things. He goes for stuff like WW2 cigarette lighters and Ricard pastis glasses, while I pick through old glass bottles, floral teacups, and miniscule porcelain dolls. He rolls his eyes at what he thinks are my too-girly bricabrac; I do the same at his too-practical, too-manly finds.

Then last weekend, after disappearing for a few minutes amidst the summer throng while we were at a nearby flea market, he reappeared holding two small things in his hand. These:

A really lovely leather sewing kit and a precious copper needle holder. "I think you'll love these," he said.

I quickly glanced at his other hand to check that he wasn't clutching some big ugly object like another World War 2 helmet (a purchase he made two years ago that still makes me shudder). Nope, nothing. Just my kinds of girly, romantic, beautiful things.

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus, they say. But it seems that, at least for these two extraterrestrials living together, in flea markets they will meet.

This gorgeousness is now part of my latest La Couturière, "the seamstress," a pack of basic needs for the vintage lover who also loves to sew. Click here to see.


P.S. Il me faut aller coudre quelques fleurs maintenant. Ce soir la traduction française, okay?

2 commentaires:

Apryl a dit…

I have been oggling them on etsy, its a beautiful collection, I'm suprised you didn't try to keep it for yourself!


they are really lovely pieces.
especially the needle holder!