mercredi 28 juillet 2010


It has been busy, as summers always are over here, not frenetic-and-all-over-the-place busy, but rather the more agreeable stop-and-study-the-details kind.

We've been doing things like try to save the insects that have been disastrously doing laps in the swimming pool.

And attempting to catch sight of the trio of huppes that call the trees around here home.

There have also been the occasional green-frog photo opportunities; although those have gotten rarer now that it's so hot.

What of the house? We have left the decorating for after the summer, so the kitchen is only just a little better-looking than in this photo, taken a few weeks ago, after we finished opening up the wall that made the kitchen such a dark place.

Except for the apples and pears I have been sewing for a few weddings, not many new things have been coming out of my sewing room. I have started pillows of a completely different kind, pillows woven from dreams, and no I am not being lyrical here, that is the plain truth, but I will tell you about them some other time, when summer is over and we've had our fill of insects, frogs, and birds.

P.S. If you want a whiff of what summer smells like over here where we live, you can go check out my Big Lavender Bag Sale over here.

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stephanie levy a dit…

that first photo of the insect in the pool is absolutely amazing apol!