dimanche 18 juillet 2010

This Blog is What?

It started quite some time ago. I'd look at this blog and feel a certain disappointment. I had let it become just a place where I post pictures of stuff -- stuff I make, stuff I sell, stuff I buy. Once upon a time, I had a blog where I was more open about the things that was going on in my head, and talked about stuff that affected me. That blog excited me so much more, and I remember I'd daily be making mental notes about everyday occurences that I wanted to share with my readers. That blog touched people enough that it was eventually made into a book.

With this blog, I think that from the beginning I felt a certain hesitation. Since it was linked to my online shop, to my business, I was afraid of getting too personal, of appearing unprofessional.

This blog, I think, is up for an overhaul.

2 commentaires:

Dawn of LaTouchables a dit…

Apol, you have the keenest mind, infinitely interesting, and I'd love to see your personal self shining through--it shines in your work, that's true, but you are a mystery!

I'll be staying tuned...:-D

Anonyme a dit…

I must say I agree. I have followed Provencia closely, bookmarked it even, I loved it. I really think that making this into a semi provenciana blog will even attract more visitors because there is a story not just of your works but of you, as the creator of such lovely things... hihihi

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