jeudi 6 mai 2010

Yesterday's Apple

For yesterday's Apple a Day project, I made the Bride. She will be in the shop soon.

Today's apple is still drying (lots of stamping there!). You will see her tomorrow.


Hier, pour mon projet, j'ai fait La Mariée. Elle sera bientôt dans la boutique.

La pomme d'aujourd'hui est toujours en train de sécher. (Je l'ai imprimée à la main.) Vous la verrez demain.

5 commentaires:

vadjutka a dit…

So lovely bride apple.
But pls tell me - the "dress" of the bride - isnt it made of a sock?

I had a lot of socks like this when I was little (you can see it in my Facebook profile pictures) - my mom loved them.

Dawn of LaTouchables a dit…

I like this idea...something a day! But especially an apple a day!!

fleurfatale a dit…

you idea is so brilliant!
and yet so simple!
but that makes it brilliant!

keep the creative flow going!

La Pomme a dit…

Judvad, it's a length of wide lace, not socks. Ask me about the "camisole" of the bride though -- the cotton I used under the lace. *Whispers* That came from vintage granny's knickers. You know, those knickers so long they go down to the knees?

Risulinna a dit…

oh, its beautiful! So delicate and fine.