vendredi 7 mai 2010

Today's Apple (finally on time!)

She is Dawn, the apple fairy who most loves to travel. In her suitcase she keeps an emergency supply of travel means -- a car and a boat. You never know with ash clouds, is her motto. When all else fails, she resorts to teleportation (done with a toss of her coin and a shake of a red bead), although this kind of gives her the creeps, and she really most prefers first class on a jet plane.

This fairy is named after the woman who gave me the pink fabric from which the apple is made, Dawn of La Touchables. Since an Apple a Day is an experiment in extending my creative reach, I decided that this was going to be one of those rare instances that I don't go for white or black or monochrome, and let myself be influenced by Dawn's genius for rich colors.

The apply fairy, as well as yesterday's alphabet apple, will soon be available at the shop.

4 commentaires:

ArtMind a dit…

Very pretty, Pomme!
I have your pretty fairy displayed in my windowsill and my neighbor complimented the other day how beautiful it is! I love it to pieces! :)

*olala* design a dit…

Quelle belle pomme!!!

Michelle a dit…

Absolutely pretty!!!

Ann a dit…

It looks very beautiful!