lundi 5 avril 2010

Work in Progress

Remember this post? Well I've made up my mind and will be letting those colors into my embroidered illustrations. Here's a peek at my work table this afternoon. These birds will be in the shop soon.


Rappelez-vous de ce post? Eh bien, j'ai decidé de laisser entrer les couleurs dans mes illustrations brodées. Voici un coup d'oeil à mon atelier cet après-midi. Ces oiseaux seront bientôt dans la boutique.

5 commentaires:

Huismus a dit…

Superbe! Love them Apol.. I'm a birdie fan :-)
And you've set quite a trend with this stepping out of your comfortzone-thingy!

gr8jewellery a dit…

They're looking lovely, I especially like the third one!

Star of the East a dit…

Love these birds, love the idea of painting them!

ingermaaike a dit…

They are sublime!

Kickcan and Conkers a dit…

Very nice :)
Got your message - will be in contact once my shop's sorted.