lundi 12 avril 2010

Playing Some More

I am still on my little technicolor trip; my Inspiration Apples get a makeover with a lot of embroidery and green felt leaves. The fabric is an embroidered cotton panel I picked up at a vintage market a year ago. They're over here at the shop.


Toujours en train de jouer avec les couleurs, je donne une sorte de relooking à mes Inspiration Apples avec de tissu brodé que j'ai trouvé dans un marché aux puces i l y a un. Elles sont ici dans la boutique.

4 commentaires:

vadjutka a dit…

love these pommes - they are so joyful!

cupcakebomb a dit…

They're too cute! Love them!

fleurfatale a dit…

waaaaaaaaw, lovely!
'll contact you when school begins again,
now I really can't concentrate, with 4 kids araound :-)

cousette a dit…

They're really nice with colours!! By the way, do you think of me ;-))?