samedi 22 novembre 2008

Shopping List Saturday

This past week, life got a lot less busy than it has been for a long time, and so I was click-happy and spent more time just surfing the net. At Etsy, these are what I caught my eye for today's Saturday Shopping List.

First row: Arabella Rabbit Bag by Dragon House of Yuen, Dashing Diagonals Fingerless Gloves by Ticked Pink Knits, I See Double Deer Embroidery by The Time Is Now. Second row: Embroidered Herb-Filled Door Guardian by The 7th Magpie, The Bugbear Set No. 2 by Doubleparlour, Equus Signed Print by Elle Moss. Third row: Roach in My Cup by Bailey Doesn't Bark, Fingerless Gloves by Xmittens, Red Passion by Lunatic Art.

And because Christmas is very near, and I have to think about giving (me :D) some presents, I already made a teeny-tiny purchase in one of the shops I just mentioned above. This little baby is mine:

Little Poppet Textile Art Doll by The 7th Magpie

Want more? Please look at the right sidebar of Charlotte's blog for a list of other blogs with exciting weekend finds.

9 commentaires:

'fancypicnic' a dit…

Oh, I need to go visit that same shop!! Fabulous. Off right now..

The rest of the list is terrific! I don't think I know any of them - thanks for sharing!

Annette F. Tait a dit…

Hi Apol,

thank you for including Arabella! So many talented finds!!

kind rgeards,

zana a dit…

The rabbit bag is stunning - you've got a great eye!

ira a dit…

love the picks pomme!

ArtMind a dit…

Lovely finds, Pomme! And what a sweet purchase you made! :)

matchstickgirl a dit…

hmmm you deserve it after your manic weeks of work !!!!!!!!


well done sweet pomme

Lunaticart a dit…

What a pleasure to be included among such talented artists!! Thank you very much Apol for the feature, you're an angel... un vrai!

Jane a dit…

Apol...many thanks for being included in your shopping list!

ira a dit…

oh lunaticart earrings will absolutely my first pick pomme!:)