dimanche 9 novembre 2008

More Blue Eiffel

The events of the past week have left me happy but exhausted! So sorry that there was no Shopping List Saturday yesterday, but please click here for a list of blogs with exciting weekend finds.

Instead I'm posting more photos of the blue Eiffel.All these was taken on the last night my friend and I spent together in Paris. Daki and I have known each other for 20 years (gasp! can you say, we're old?) and had not seen each other for three of those. He had been talking for days about getting off at the Métro's Trocadéro station at night to have a look at the tower. I was a bit hesitant, just because doing so seemed too cheesy! Finally, on Tuesday, when his work helping curate an exhibit at the Unesco was finally done, and we had had a good dinner and had shared a bottle of wine, we finally did it. Despite my earlier misgivings, I'm glad we did.

One blue Eiffel dances, one rains, the third stands still, and the last one jumps. Accidents of digital photography, but still looks beautiful, no?


Speaking of France, Laurent Lambert, "French by birth and Brooklynite by home," as he describes himself, has just opened an Etsy shop. It's filled with whimsical paintings that I love. This is my favorite, so please indulge this giddy girl and and low with me: Moooooo!Laurent will be listing smaller paintings and greeting cards in the next few days so put him in your bookmarks and check back often!

4 commentaires:

Ravenhill a dit…

How fun to take a trip to Paris! Thanks for the intro to this delightfully talented artist!

matchstickgirl a dit…

i love the blue eiffel tower !!!
wonderful !!!!!!!!!!

creationsbyeve a dit…

I love Paris!The blue eiffel looks fantastic!

'fancypicnic' a dit…

Ooh, Paris....can you detect the envy from over there???

No worries about the Shopping List - who minds when there's a blue Eiffel to admire?! thanks so much xx