vendredi 24 octobre 2008

What I'm Working On

I have always and will always be in love with the works of Portuguese artist Rosa E Chocolate. But except for that it is a pillow and Rosa makes some of the most fabulous pillows I have ever seen, the pillow I'm working on right now has not much to do with her works :) Just thought I'd mention her, since I've been wanting forever to say here how much I'm a fan of hers, and this seemed like an opportunity to do so. So, Rosa, if you ever have time, send me an autograph!


I have this charming cotton tablecloth that I found at the brocante in Fontvielle a few months ago, and I knew I wanted to make decorative pillows with it.

My friend Tara once said I should embroider my fairytales on pillowcases, that way you can read yourself to sleep. She was joking. I took her seriously.

The photos here show the initial sketch and some details of my Jasmine Fairytale Pillow.

I still have to work on it some more, but if this turns out nice, it'll probably be my entry to the European Street Team's weekly creative challenge. This week's theme is "Things That Go Bump in The Night." Challenge king Frances has all the details in her blog here. Now I just have to convince the king that Jasmine IS scary. I mean do you want to be nine years old forever, lice, runny nose, and all? Shudder.

8 commentaires:

matchstickgirl a dit…

im watching you Pomme !!!!

always watching ...


love the idea will await the scariness factor

dindi a dit…

Looks great so far!

ingermaaike a dit…

Looking good already!

Carol a dit…

Really cute!
Loved it!

glasfaden a dit…

Me, pomme! As a 9 y.o. I had one of the best time in my life - so no shudder at all :P
The Jasmine pillow is looking great so far. Am curious to see the final result.

Gunnels blog a dit…

Your stitching are great!

isabel f. a dit…

Hi Apol!!!
I really love your work too!!
Maybe one day make a trade, what you think about it?
Since I`m an unconditional fan of your work, too, I always come here to see what you are doing my friend. And once again I have to tell you that this cushion is already lovely, then when is ready will be a real spectacle.
A huge kiss Isabel

Marchi Wierson a dit…

You are an inspiration to me. Your work is so beautiful.