samedi 25 octobre 2008

Shopping List Saturday

First row: Bouquet by JKphotography; Sand Storm by Glasfaden; Crochet Stole by Dinaladina
Second row: Summer Girl Mini Book by HeliS; Happy by Pamela Angus; Ivory Winter by Paper Flower Girl
Third row: Odd Scarf by Odd Creations; Vanilla on Ebony Brooch by Kraplap; Fat Great Tit by Mirthquake

What's this all about?

Like most anyone who uses Etsy, I have a list about 10 meters long of artists and products found on the site that I covet! To satisfy my shopping urges even virtually, I've decided to participate in Shopping List Saturday, a meme by a group of bloggers who feels the same as I. You can find the list of other bloggers who make Saturday lists in the right sidebar of Charlotte's blog.

And just because I'm feeling chatty this morning, I'll tell you that for this, my first venture, I looked around my home for inspiration, glanced at the wooden bowl that I got for just 50 cents at a flea market, and decided to be moved this Saturday by the fruits whose name I share.

Organic apples in a bargain bowl.

And, because I tend to look for sellers on the continent when I do shop, all this great stuff is made by sellers from Europe. I love them!

11 commentaires:

Heli a dit…

Thanks dear pomme :)
I love Europe too. The real Europe :P

kraplap a dit…

Thanks Pomme ! You made some nice choices ! I love the stole.

Pamela Angus a dit…

I love the idea of a Saturday shopping list! and I love shopping European too :) thanks for adding my glass star to your list Lapomme!!

Cary Walker a dit…

beautiful selection:)

steph a dit…

the colors are so beautifully autumn. well done, pomme!

glasfaden a dit…

Finally managed to read with no hurry. Love the color of the bargain bowl! And thank you so much for adding my brooch! Sweet idea - like a private treasury list ;)

odd a dit…

Bonjour LaPomme,

It's a shear pleasure to be around on your blog,
read and look. Thank you so much for showing
my work here. It's a compliment for me :))

Have a good weekend.
Warm Woolly Greetings,

MirthQuake a dit…

Hey Pomme,
As everything you seem to do, you've done an unusually good job with your blog.

Thank you very much for placing my great tit amongst your picks!

JK a dit…

Wow, thanks, dear Pomme. I have featured you in my blog!

'fancypicnic' a dit…

Hey, what a list to start with! These are gorgeous choices! I'm already a fan of Jk photography, and I have some new favourites now.
Lovely to have you join us...

dinaladina a dit…

Thank´s a lot Pomme!

I loved you selection, and it`s really nice to see that you`ve chosen one of my handcrafted works!