mardi 9 septembre 2008

Shapes of Nature

I've been toying with the idea of introducing more functional items in my shop, but knew I wanted these objects to have a look different from the oftentimes colorful and exuberant spirit of my other creations.

I have notebooks and bits of paper scattered everywhere filled with doodles and drawings, and as I was leafing through them a few days ago, I happened upon these pages that date back to when I was in my beginning-gardener's frenzy a couple of years ago.

It clicked then: lavender sachets, pillow covers, pincushions, table napkins, and teatowels embroidered with forms inspired by my environment. I'm calling the new line Shapes of Nature. It's still in its baby stages, but the Sleep Angels are starting to fly into the shop:

3 commentaires:

ingermaaike a dit…

Oh these are so very gorgeous!

fleurfatale a dit…

Beautiful Lapomme, and I like your leaf-sketches too!!!!

glasfaden a dit…

Lovely drawings & cute babies!! I'm sure, as soon as they arrive at your shop, they'll fly again to new homes :)