mercredi 10 septembre 2008

By the Way...

Back in the days when I was a magazine junkie, I loved reading Real Simple magazine, adoring how clean their photo-styling was and how practical their approach was to home decorating. Now that I can't pick up any magazine without part of my brain playing flashbacks of my dead-and-buried media days while screaming "No! Copy-editing till you're cross-eyed! No! Staying till dawn the next day at the office to layout pages! No! Kowtowing to the all-powerful advertiser! No!!!" so I have no idea how Real Simple has evolved.

Having said all that, it was still such a big--no, enormous is the more appropriate word here--thrill to find my Sleep Angels in the Real Simple website.

Thanks to Holly Becker of decor8, who a while ago also wrote about my handmade books in her popular website.

While we're on the subject of thank-yous and hip design sites, I'd also like to send a virtual southern-French-style three kisses-on-the-cheeks to Irene Hoofs of Bloesem. She wrote about my books and plushies in B:Kids.

I am a happy ducky.

4 commentaires:

Ravenhill a dit…

La Pomme, wow you are everywhere!! How wonderful it is to see your work so often on the FP as I simply adore it! You are so creative with such sweet things. I love all the pretty stiches you put into your work to make it really special!

Carol Dean a dit…

Wow! Congratulations on such well-deserved exposure. I had no idea Real Simple (I too was once a subscriber) had a blog, but OF COURSE they would! :D

rean a dit…

Just wanted to express my amazement at your talent. Any chance you'd be coming back to Pinas where I can buy one of your pieces in person?:D
(and maybe tell you in person how much of a fan I am haha)

La Pomme a dit…

Thanks, EMILY and CAROL!

ANDREA, Hi! Probably not going back for another year or so. Thank you for the compliment :)