lundi 8 septembre 2008

Latest Purchase

I think it would be safe to say that Dana and I have a mutual admiration thing going on. I love her works, she loves mine; occasionally we write each other messages saying exactly that. Now as a sign that I really truly love her, I got myself one of her paintings!

I fell in love with these stamped chairs the moment I saw them in her shop:
The larger picture:
I'm keeping the hand-stamped ribbon to recycle come Christmas.

Lots of other fun, quirky items for sale at Leililaloo. Be sure to visit.

4 commentaires:

ingermaaike a dit…

I can see why you love her work so! It is great :-)

Kreativlink a dit…

Beautiful :)

Ravenhill a dit…

Oh, how wonderful it is! I will have to visit her shop!

Leililaloo a dit…

I can't say how much of an honour it is to have Apol from La Pomme writing like this about me. Thank you, thank you, thank you Apol!!!