mardi 20 mai 2008

This little piggy went to market, and went "Wee wee wee" all the way home

So for the first time ever, last weekend I showed my fabric creations live, at the Free Market in Montpellier.

The first day, Saturday, although the market was going to start at 10 a.m., I woke up at five (!!!) because I still had to translate some of my product descriptions from English to French--and, believe me, this is not the most fun thing to do first thing in the morning. By 11 p.m. that night, when the market closed for the day, I was about ready to lose consciousness, but decided to hold on instead and reward myself with a plate of steak tartare and some girl-chatting with Ana and Manu. Fortunately, the next day was a little less traumatic, as there was no more translating to do, and the market finished much earlier, at eight p.m.

Aside from the shock to my circadian rhythm, I absolutely loved the experience. Some highlights:
* A little girl who saw my yellow apple-head doll and refused to budge from the spot unless the doll was going along with her.
* Another little girl who took 30 minutes to decide if she was going to take the miniature basket of cats, or the one with the bunnies, but did it so charmingly and sweetly that I didn't mind her being there at all.
* A whole bunch of sisters coming over, taking my dolls, and playing with them right there in the middle of the market. They were so cute! But of course I made sure they didn't have hands sticky with ice cream :)
* People keeping on saying how my creations were "poétique." (Yep, insecure little me needs some affirmation!)
* Meeting other crafts artists, and actually already setting up an afternoon exchange of know-how with one of them.
* Meeting the couple behind pOOmplastick. Etsy is almost unknown over here in France, so to meet other people who keep a shop over there was cool. And, of course, I had to buy something from them. A mini apple--what else?

11 commentaires:

Zsuzsi és Anna a dit…

i love it LaPomme!

Kreativlink a dit…

Your stand looks so sweet! I'm sure with this experience, the next markets will go even better!

ingermaaike a dit…

It sounds like you had so much fun! Wish I could have been there :0D

Miss Mish Mish a dit…

Your stall looks so good :) Seems to me you had a great time! I'd love to do a market one day but i'm a disaster with preparations!

Littlellama a dit…

wow, a real market!! Your stall looked great and the apple is so cute!!

Gina a dit…

I put my hands together for ----APOL!!!

Your creations are beautiful!
Here's to more shows and sales for you, cheers!

karlita a dit…

sounds like you had a really lovely time (apart from the translating in french)!!!

pOOm plastick a dit…

Salut Lapomme,

So, is the apple stiff waterproof? ;-)

Your blog is great.
I have to put back mine online.

Have you look for "katamary damacy"?

See you.


pOOm plastick a dit…
Ce commentaire a été supprimé par l'auteur.
pOOm plastick a dit…

voici le lien :
Enjoy, je trouve ça trés mignon!
Le jeu lui est completement dingue.

a bientôt

La Pomme a dit…

Hey, les deux Pooms.

Je porte la pomme même dans la douche, et elle tient--pour le moment :)

J'ai cliqué sur le lien, et vous avez raison. Mes poupées sont très Katamary! Ca doit être une énergie qui s'envole dans l'éther :D

A bientôt!