dimanche 25 mai 2008

Should we have a little tea party?

Yesterday, Cindy and I attacked the vide grenier* at La Roquette in Arles, and came away each with an exploding paper bag of various odds and ends. My most precious find was this tin tea set. Look at how tiny it is:I'm already dreaming up what to do with the lovely things...

vide grenier = flea market, or car boot sale; lots of fun!

And this may be late, but I would really like to thank Marichelle of Heart Handmade for writing such a sweet feature on my White Swans, and La Rimule for my first write-up ever in a Francophone blog. You girls absolutely made my day when those articles came out!

5 commentaires:

Kreativlink a dit…

Wow! That's incredible beautiful and detailed for beeing so small!

And cute, of course :)

Star of the East a dit…

Flea markets are the best!!
Always a surprise what you may find, these are great!

ixela a dit…

Such a wonderful finding... I really love your new tiny tea set!... and I love flea markets as well!!!

Verão a dit…

How cuuuuteee! I would have loved this for playing House House!!

Anyways, Apol... sorry sorry sorry, I Tagged you!!! I was tagged kasi. I never did it before. It's fun to do anyways- I'm sure you'll come up with some fun facts about you... click on my blog for the rules :)

Stacy's Designs 88 a dit…

Hi Apol! Your blog is soooo cute. Love your stories about your adventures in Europe. Never would have found it if not for Verao. Also, love your cute creations in your Etsy shop. I must admit...I was the one that tagged Verao. ;)