mardi 30 mars 2010

An Alice in Wonderland Kind of Zine

It must be Johnny Depp who made me do it! Finally a new zine, my alternative version to the famous Alice's adventures. It's in the shop if you want a copy.

What Really Happened

She never did wake up;
the lied.

Her days since then were spent
waiting for her painful heart to explode
from all the stretching out
and shrinking back down;

being gnawed and bitten until bloody
by the grin of the Cheshire cat
who one day forgot
his malevolent smile behind;

and convincing the March Hare
that eating flies at tea is no good.
They should at least
rinse the cruddy cups out.

The worst was being trapped
inside the dirty old Rabbit's house,
where she would be forced to
wear a flimsy maid's costume
and play a sick part.

More than a century later, old Alice
was as mad as the Hatter and very tired.
Finally laying her head down on the block,
she waited merrily for the executioner's ax.


Ah, si seulement mon français est assez bon pour pouvoir traduire ma dernière petite nouvelle, une version alternative de Alice au Pays des Merveilles, qu'on peut lire dans mes nouveaux zines. Mais peut-être votre anglais est meilleur que mon français? Cliquez ici pour trouver les zines.

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Michelle a dit…

That is sooo Beautiful!

My Owl Barn a dit…

These are lovely!

L'Indécise a dit…

C'est magnifique :-))))