jeudi 28 janvier 2010

New Harvest

One of my nicest customer recently came back to the shop , and asked if I could custom-make her Inspiration Apples with embroidery on them. I liked the idea so much that I also did a set of embroidered pears. They're called The Kindness Pears. Another reason I'm infatuated with them is that I think that I've succeeded in making representations of the smaller, more charming Anjou and Bartlett pear varieties, and not my regular Bosc-inspired ones.

I'm thinking of making more of these, and embroidering them with all kinds of inspirational words. What do you think? And if you'd like to suggest special words or short quotes, I'd love to hear them.

By the way, these pears are now listed in the shop.


Un de mes clients les plus sympathiques m'avait demandé de faire des pommes -- mes Inspiration Apples -- brodées à la main. J'ai tellement adoré l'idée que j'ai décidé de faire la même chose pour quelques poires. Je les appelle "Kindness Pears." Une autre raison pour laquelle je les adore, c'est je crois avoir réussi à faire des poires qui ressemblent aux plus petites variétés Anjou et Bartlett. Ca change aux Boscs qui m'inspirent régulièrement.

J'ai envie de faire plus de celles-ci, brodées avec des mots différents, intéressants, même magiques. Que pensez-vous? Et si vous avez des mots et des citations à suggérer, je vais aimer les entendre ici.

Les Kindness Pears sont dans la boutique, par ici.

16 commentaires:

sabahnur a dit…

ohh apol.. how adorable are these.. really love them.. you are real talented artist!

Anonyme a dit…

I think they are just GORGEOUS. I love the combination of your fabulous soft sculpture and inspirational words.
"Bloom where you are planted" ?

for a wedding..
"the perfect pair " ?

La Pomme a dit…

Saba, you are too kind :)

Starry, I like that "perfect pair" idea! Thank you.

ingermaaike a dit…

I love these!

They remind me of the game they play in my youngest class, they have to write something nice for every child and these 'good words' are collected in an evelope. When there is a holiday they receive the envelope full of nice words home :-D

My favorite quotes are 'life is today'

Dawn of LaTouchables a dit…

I love them! They mean something, and the hand-embroidery is delicious!

Sabine, La Marquise des anges a dit…

they are so gorgeous ... as usual :) the inspirational words are awesome.

la fille facétieuse a dit…


I love them

quietstream a dit…

These are just lovely, Apol! :-)

Rose minuscule a dit…


Mariana a dit…

I like the embroidered words, they look so handmade


Really beautifull, the la pomme collection! Also saw it on etsy.

Shokoofeh a dit…

Your items are really cute and some of them are in my valentine's inspiration list, over at my blog.

Keep doing this lovely job!

Rz a dit…

Love starry's "perfect pair" idea - i love the play on words.

I think these would be great for a baby room, how about a "you" "me" and a little "baby" pear?

Or "love grows"?

Michael - Innkeeper a dit…

how about...

'love who you love'

red . or . gray . art a dit…

such a wonderful idea and finished grouping..

"welcome to my home"
"love will provide"

handmade charlotte a dit…

ohhh i love your shop and always have!