vendredi 29 mai 2009

The Wonderful and The Wired

Excuse me for the week-long absence, but over here in the southwest, I'm still wrist-deep in my sandy, alkaline soil.

It's late spring, and the second patch of garden I started this year is sprouting pesky couch grass all over. I spend hours and hours pulling them out! One of the reasons I garden is that it teaches my usually impatient spirit to calm down. Right now, there really is nothing to be done but wait. Hopefully, by next spring, I would have eliminated all the invasive roots and the Frankenia laevis I installed as ground cover would have taken over.

For the moment, taking these photos makes it worth all the trouble. Well, almost. My knees care nothing for photography and are still complaining...

A pink rose from a shrub that reaches just past my mid-calf.

My potted alliums.

The tiny flower of a genet bush.

One of the poppies that sprout wild all over the property and that we
take care not to mow. "Coquelicot" is still one of my
favorite French C words.
The giddiness and gaudiness of the sound
suit the flower perfectly!


Meanwhile, e-mail from one of my favorite Etsy artists, Claire Rougerie of De Beaux Souvenirs, informed me that her website is up.

I find that there's something magical about Claire's creations, which are made from wire and found vintage objects. Something rough but at the same time quite dainty there. I am enamored with the unexpected mix! One of my favorites is this little owl, La Reine des Bois:

Photo by De Beaux Souvenirs

Very pretty, isn't she?

To see the real thing: If you'll be finding yourself taking a little vacation in the west of France any time from June to September, her atelier will be open in Curçay Sur Dive.

12 commentaires:

RedFenyx a dit…

Beautiful flowers!
And the artist's creation you introduced is so lovely!

Sigmosaics a dit…

how divine your garden must be! beautiful floral images .. and Claire's work looks incredible.

Have a super lovely weekend ahead :)

Mitsy / ArtMind a dit…

Beautiful flowers, Pomme! Happy weekend! :)

Kreativlink a dit…

Ohhh! You already have poppies!?!

Silke Powers a dit…

I just found your beautiful blog and am happy I did. Your photography is gorgeous and your art wonderful. I'll be back often!! :) Silke

jacqueline a dit…

I am in love with your many pretty happy flowers! Hope your having a wonderful weekend and love to you. :)

Apol a dit…

Thanks, GIRLS!

And yes, K, we've had poppies for about over a week now. They're not yet showing up in Austria?

Welcome, SILKE, and I do hope to see you back.

* Waves wildly to JQLINE *

Dawn of LaTouchables a dit…

Claire's work is lovely...ahh, vacation in the south of France--maybe soon! And your flowers are looking lovely!

Malene a dit…

Wow, amazing photos!

DeBeaux Souvenirs a dit…

What's surprise to be on your blog ! Thank you so much for your sweet message ! Claire

Unknown a dit…

The owl is brilliant! You do such fabulous work. And your garden is bursting with beauty!
~Emily xx

Clotilde a dit…

I love your puppy love, especially since we at home are dog lovers. We used tohave a Great Pyrinee dog and now hoave to Australian Shepherds (boy and girl), which are very loving to each other, that's why I loved your puppy love, Pomme, thank you for sharing.